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About Kirk and Spock

There is a lot to say about these two and I doubt to be able to write a proper essay on them.
To know more about them, I'd suggest you instead to take a look at the proper page on Memory alpha.They are my ABSOLUTELY favorite relationship from anything ever. And I'll write about it when inspiration hits


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We're hosting a fanmade video for Chelsea, made with the No Doubt's song "In My Head."
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Why this fanlisting?

They are my top wishlister way before the community inverted the fanlistings wishlists. There is no way to find words to say how much this relationship means to me. When I saw Hakka's post over the board I jumped out of my skin to apply. And I'm crazy about owning it

About the site

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The title... well... In the novelization of the first Star trek movie (Star Trek: The motion Picture) Spock, before reading himself to receive the symbol of the Kolinahr, mentally says goodbye to his old friend Kirk by referring him as his T'hy'la, a Vulcan term used in the past to indicate a friend, brother, and/or lover.
Whatever vision of them you have (friends? Brothers? More? Boundmates?), the word can be considered canon since the author of the novelization is the original Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry in all his glory.

Past versions and skins

Skin one: Above realities -by Hakka
Skin two: The Universe's finest
Skin three: Stronger than blood
Skin four: By your Side
Skin five: Simphony
Skin six: Harmony on the bridge
The current ones.
Skin seven and eight In making.


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